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Psychoanalysis On and Off the Couch

Apr 5, 2022

"I have some very close friends in Russia and some of them emigrated now and some of them are in Russia. Of course, I can speak with them very personally about my experience. I see how much guilt they feel and how much pressure they feel from both sides, from inside Russia and outside. For example, the first letter that our society received from one of the Russian psychoanalytic organizations was full of apologies. But after that Russian members asked us not to share this letter because they could be persecuted in Russia."  


"[re Russian atrocities] it's absolutely a shocking experience that we were not able to expect. This absolutely wild hostility and cruelty from the Russian side. What you see on the internet is only part of it. Of course, if we speak with these people - raped women, injured children, tortured men – it is absolutely unbearable. We are shocked that the Russian army behaves in such a way - it is absolutely dehumanized behavior, bestial cruelty." 


"For our country, it’s very important to feel solidarity now. We are very grateful to the States and to Britain who expressed their solidarity. Because several countries fell under Russian propaganda and still in some way hesitated about who is right and who is wrong. They say ‘it is not war it is only an Ukrainian conflict’, ‘there are both sides and all sides have their truths’. It is very painful for us to hear such things. I think resistance to Putin’s propaganda is very important support for us. To say truth about the situation, to say truth about this absolutely inhuman cruelty about this war  and to defend people here."  


"Unfortunately, I see in many Western intellectual people who are missing an understanding of the situation. It is an absolutely unprovoked war. It is a very long war, because it started 8 years ago. Now it is only an acute stage of this war. But again and again I hear from my European colleagues that probably it is something that the Americans did, probably it is something that NATO did, it’s some political trick, and so on and so on. But these people use a great deal of denial to not see the absolutely cruel aggression of the imperialistic mind and an imperialistic society. These European intellectuals are like Stalin called “useful idiots” who supported Stalinism."