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Psychoanalysis On and Off the Couch

May 3, 2020

The importance of inner ideas, fantasies, develop from the unconscious. Reality is important but not conclusive. We perceive and conceptualize reality with our unconscious. So let’s give the unconscious more than ever during this crisis its place, and keep the intention to listen to the unconscious with our patients.”


Description: Harvey Schwartz welcomes Dr. Cristina Escudero to today’s episode. Dr. Escudero is a psychologist and a graduate of the Madrid Psychoanalytic Association. She also has a Masters in Family Therapy and Group Dynamics, and works with adults, teenagers, and children. Dr. Escudero is a supervisor of therapists, teaches courses on psychoanalytic technique and also supervises therapists who work with foster children as part of the Basque Country therapeutic program.


Dr. Cristina shares her exquisite focus on what she calls “the intention to listen to the unconscious” which is her guiding principle in the face of trauma. It is not that she does not honor the current objective reality, but rather that in addition, she keeps her attention on listening to the unconscious before, during, and after sessions.


Key takeaways:

[4:30] Dr. Escudero talks about the common concern patients have regarding the economic situation in times of Covid-19.

[6:46] Our psychic structure is not complete.

[7:22] The importance of investigating the origins of the crisis.

[8:00] The human psyche is in crisis.

[9:01] The renunciation to omnipotence is part of the Oedipus Complex resolution.

[13:00] How the crisis intervenes in Dr. Escudero’s clinical work?

[13:34] Dr. Escudero talks about the intention to listen to the unconscious.

[15:39] The intention before and during the sessions.

[18:30] Libido is not in virtual sessions since many sensorial faculties are missing.

[20:05] Dr. Escudero shares clinical examples.

[28:37] Dr. Escudero talks about the resources that have been helping her cope with this crisis.


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